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shock after firing the knocked down cathedral in paris and damaging the iconic structure. its french heritage it's part of the. shocking we find comfort in the fact that there are no victims but it's our french historical heritage he could have been passed to his helicopters and was wondering . when a song is awarded for his whistle blowing by a group of peace just days after being locked up in the u.k. we speak to a nobel peace prize laureate who wants to handover the on the person. i think we have to acknowledge. and i want to personally for all he has done
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for us. form a key european politicians urge the european union not to follow the u.s. example when it comes to the middle east. could have your company the same thing this is r.t. international. francis today coming to terms with a devastating fire that ravaged one of the world's most famous buildings in paris first to get his police to the blaze may have been the result of ongoing restoration work on the cathedrals roof and spire both of which collapsed as into his pledge that the building will rise from the ashes here are some pictures of the cathedrals roof french interior minister today visited the site to see the damage for himself. of this to for us the name of the not to dam has to be rebuilt for the
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sake of the french people do because reports from the french capital. not cathedral literally sits in the hearts of the city of paris much of the city's history contained within her bosom a seat of cultural political and economic power when it was built back in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries so eight hundred and fifty years of history there much of it now in tatters following that ferocious fire which broke out on monday evening the crowds gathered at last night to witness that catastrophe and once again they've come today to bear witness to this huge fire which tore through this cathedral. it's french heritage it's part of arthur burns
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with it we managed to preserve it for eight hundred years and today unfortunately it went up in flames i think it touches everyone it's poignant it's heartbreaking the firemen did all they could but there are some things will never get back. to. shocking we find comfort in the fact that there are no victims but it's our french historical heritage and we all share memories of when we visited but now it's fragile and the buildings like this one are fragile in terms of the damage well it's still too early to tell exactly how much damage has been done but we do know that the iconic spire and the roof both collapsed last night as those flames ravaged the inside of not cathedral we also know that what's been saved will no move to the louvre museum where it will remain until it can come back to not but let's take a look at how that. fire which literally ripped through the hearts of people here
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in paris last night unfold it. was bad. enough says there are two fronts which is burning really says his or her two friends says a lot of paris and so that's a part of our culture we are losing tonight says say look at notre down is the heart of paris it is grander it is monumental it is horrible to see everything we
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have to learn going up in smoke centuries of our heritage. was. in a. place that. it's very sad it's one of the great monuments of france we've had far away so it's devastating that a monument like this is burning. and in motion. i say this to you solomon obviously think we will rebuild this great cathedral together we will appeal to the greatest talents to help restore not treat
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them because this is what the french people expect and this is what our history deserves it is our destiny. well five hundred firefighters fought contain the devastating fire we spoke to thomas jenkins the fire chief who explained the difficulties in tackling such an inferno. our fire safety is number one because we have to make sure that we combat lates tomorrow as well and that's tough to balance when you're dealing with emotionally charged incidents when you have circumstances were civilian lives are being threatened and in a case like this where you're dealing with property that is or you know happy that has value what you would consider normal property so just are unbelievably historic call for errors fire department i'm sure that's a sentiment that is shared worldwide that we want to see this fire be extinguished we want to see the property per serving as much as it can be and we want to see all
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those firefighters go on to say. the world is sharing in france is shown around the globe of express their condolences to the french nation saying not saddam is not just part of french identity but also willed heritage so horrible to watch the massive fire not true dam cathedral in paris perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out must act quickly i'm following the not saddam for minute by minute not just on the prairie belongs to all humanity what a spectacle what horror i share the emotion of the french nation which is ours as well my thoughts so we the people of france tonight and with the imagine says services who are fighting the terrible blaze it milton's uncomfy job former deputy director of culture at unesco francesco and daryn says that this will be more about reconstruction than restoration. now we think the structure of that. yesterday that we all use is gone. and what would have
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to be done is really a major reconstruction. major structural problem this will be difficult to say today. how much it cost certainty on the order that many many hundreds or. even in a way was also. more than society can do for. you know about one hundred years ago hundred years ago if you know when to major more. regimes and there's been. through. the generations so i remember. we have to. be able to. bring that to the future to. spare revealed donald trump called former u.s. president jimmy carter for the first time over the weekend to discuss relations
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between the united states and china are reportedly criticised america's current war mongering foreign policy and encourage them to follow the chinese example by spending the military budget differently. china has not wasted a single penny on war and that's why they're ahead of us in almost every way and i think the difference is if you take three trillion dollars and put it in american infrastructure you'd probably have two trillion leftover would have high speed rail road we have bridges that aren't collapsing we have roads there are maintained properly. the u.s. spent three times more than china on defense in twenty eight c. much of the budget goes on military operations conducted in many parts of the world china on the other hand spends money on bolstering national security and countering terrorism nine hundred seventy nine beijing has conducted almost no military offensives. this one ounce is on this now from former u.s.
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congressman condit joins me this evening good to have you on the line you surprised at this move reaching out to jimmy carter of all people the previous the cold in the worst president in u.s. history. well i think it's interesting and fascinating and i do know that i was in congress when jimmy carter was president he was not that popular but he's known now even with many libertarians that he's the best former president we've ever had so since he's left he's done in the extremely good job at diplomacy and when you look back you know things weren't quite so bad and he suffered from some consequences but as far as character goes and his move toward peace he's he's been a great person and i think that if you look at what his statements have been whether it's in the middle east or with russia or wherever he does stand for a peaceful approach so i found it really fascinating and interesting that trump
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called him trump hasn't called him since he's been president and wanting to know what your opinion and this whole idea is that his message was well why are you spending so much money on weaponry and here i thought he was pretty shrewd and he acknowledged to the president president romney says you know you're right you ought to be worried about china because they're getting way ahead because they're smart enough not to waste too much money on their military and and he was claiming that we as americans spend too much and this is true and i think there's a you know a pamphlet put out many years ago by an austrian economist henry has what it was entitled instead of what and you know when you money when you spend money on something like military instead of what and it was mentioned introduction maybe it would have been spent on infrastructure or health care or who knows what. but every time they say well it's absolutely necessary we do this because it creates jobs
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when you build weaponry but no i think it's fascinating i think it's great that he did talk to the president and the president president carter reminded him that china has not been at war since we started diplomatic relationships again one nine hundred seventy nine when when carter was president so and he also threw out the number he says you know only sixteen years of our two hundred forty years of history have we been at peace so we as a nation have generally endorsed war much too generously and of course that's why we as a group of libertarians we believe in nonintervention in foreign affairs we don't claim we know all the answers but we know that we should be less involved and we should be not telling people what to do we don't endorse the whole principle of sanctions and tariffs and all this anti free market material stuff people you know make a case clearly for defense but when you look at the numbers that it seems to add up
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the u.s. spends more on defense than all the of the major international actors combined three times more than china was and is a fairly simple log to make all the way along. so i think one thing that we always use and i use it too but you used in your statement that we should think about and that is that we spend more on defense well that's sort of misleading it's not on defense it's on militarism but you know even our budget is the defense budget we're always defending against somebody going to invade us so no it's a military budgets militarism it's the military industrial complex and we should be spending a lot less and there's constantly new articles a new one today and say nobody knows where the money goes nobody can audit the pentagon and you know there's a lot of rich people getting much richer if you talk about you know. this discrepancy of the wealthy and the poor the people who are in part of the military
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industrial complex now live around washington d.c. they're one of the richest group of people because it's big time business and it has very little to do with defense so that is why as a libertarian i'm always advocating you know the proper amount of defense and the proper amount of spending is what we need we just don't need to be you know tied into this patriotic zeal that if you vote against one penny then you are some type of anti-american i hate i heard those criticisms all the time when i ran for president where you don't care about america and you don't hear about the troops you won't vote for all this money and you don't want to support the troops when you're overseas well i support the troops by bringing them home so i think it's fascinating that in spite of those charges against me i had done what quite well you know with the military because quite frankly i was in for five years and i wasn't looking for some way to start a war so i think there's
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a misconception right now we have a lot of work to do as libertarians to change the perceptions to show that we don't have to spend more money in the military industrial complex because it doesn't do us any good. let's just say that the us. did reduce spending reduce that sphere of influence across the world military bases and such china's been saber rattling might say in the south china sea is there a danger that the u.s. backs off china might look to expand and perhaps become a threat to the global community. well hopefully not militarily they're a challenge you know with investments they have a lot of money in the bank and in their they're making their investments and. they question sort of implies the fact well you know if you're not over there does that mean you guys are going to just withdraw and everybody's going to go home and americans are going to pay attention no it be the opposite because. a libertarian
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believes in free trade we don't believe in these sanctions and we don't believe in tear ups we want free trade so it's very much in gauging in the world so we wouldn't we wouldn't be absent matter of fact i think that although china is doing well and they're investing money they still have a form of a state run capitalism but they're more capitalistic and we are right now because we are totally controlled you know by the central central government and all all the spending so i think there's there's a lot of a lot of opportunity for us now to promote a cause of individual liberty along with free markets in order to get us more engaged on peaceful terms rather than being engaged with always threatening other countries and putting on sanctions and putting on tariffs. in this battle for influence heads will clash sometimes china recently criticized the u.s. secretary of state. is attempt to restrict between china and venezuela is the u.s.
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step in the muckluck beijing claiming. oh yeah he should be done there in central america. he's upset because china is getting the upper hand financially and. wise and there's always the concern about who's investment or who's army's going to control the oil so yeah. purpose of pompei o. and the neo cons is to blame somebody whether it's in china or russia it's their fault not ours and spending money in the wrong place but they they. they realize that if we don't. put the military in there i don't think china is going to run the world but they will be a challenge and evidently we don't seem to mind too much how did china get all those dollars they have one point three trillion dollars we did it we did it because you know the american consumer liked what we were buying and
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a good price is so that was the market working as sort of ironic for some for a country that still seen as communistic has provided goods and services for a lot of americans at the best price and that's what we want but of course we can always refine our system and we can always maybe give advice if others wanted to move to our to free market but i quite frankly do not believe this world economy works very well without a. monetary system and that is what we don't have and that will be the end stage because all the countries believe in debt running out of debt and all you have to do is look at the world bank record of dead accumulation and it's unsustainable and all the nations are guilty of that sound money would prevent that from happening and finally the u.s. china relations are heading what does the future look like do you think. shaking
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and wished they would get advice from jimmy carter more often but it was great that he got his message out i unfortunately i think that. we need as a country scapegoating to. to pursue our policy so that if things aren't going away we want in bennett's the whale and there's plenty of problems there just to say well it's all china's fault not ours and we don't look toward our policies and our relations with venezuela in the past things will get worse so i'm not optimistic after mistake sort of on the longer term but on the short term no i think it's going to be a continuation of a blame game and i have to do the only thing i can do is speak out and try to point out the things that we might do to improve relationships whether it's with russia or china and that to me is free trade and treating people decently and being an
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aggressor and i think that would be the road to peace and prosperity always great deal for us appreciate your time raul my guests this hour former u.s. congressman ron paul thank you. just days after being dragged by police from his asylum refuge weekly's co-founder julian assange has been honored by a group of me peace that granted him an award for journalists whistleblowers and defenders of the right to information song just currently in prison and ahead of a hearing set for next month. destroyed a national was arrested last week when his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy in london was revoked and his citizenship suspended he was convicted by u.k. courts of breaching bail and it's also been charged in the u.s. with conspiracy to hack a government computer faces extradition to the united states and up to five years behind bars although some fear the whistleblower could face more serious charges the moment he steps foot on u.s. soil. he would now give in to a stance was established in twenty eight team by
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a group of leftwing i mean pains in the e.u. parliament it honors those who've been persecuted or intimidated from covering the truth and exposed to the public if you're innocent is currently behind bars he won't be able to attend the ceremony of a nobel peace prize laureate morad maguire has volunteered to hand it to him personally we spoke to her about the award very happy to identify and receive the prize on behalf of jillian the science and i have asked that i be allowed to visit julian assange and belmarsh prison in london and i hope that will be granted i just think it's very important that we acknowledge julian assange for the create sacrifice that he has made for us all one must ask the question why didn't this happen before i nominated this year for the nobel peace prize for his work for
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peace and trying to end war and suffering of the people he knew when he published through recchi lakes he knew he would be a wanted man and he was given a pass for them i think we have to acknowledge julian assange and thank him and i want to do that personally for all he has done for us i was deeply shocked that julian assange was arrested from there could or is amber's say so treated so badly dragged died of them that say julian assange. is ours his human rights and he should be freed immediately and under no circumstances sent to america for a jury trial because if that happens we all become poorer and live in a very dark or for our children. a. number of former prominent european politicians have expressed their discontent
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with america's israel policy in the letter to british newspaper the guardian they say that the e.u. must recognize jerusalem as a capital both of israel and an independent palestinian state peter oliver has more . donald trump's decision to go his own way when it comes to finding a solution to the israeli palestinian situation coupled with no real response to this decision from any major leaders but that's prompted a group of former european leaders to pen an open letter in condemnation of the u.s. policy of europe's reactions well putting their signature to this letter include the former foreign secretary of the united kingdom david miliband the nato secretary general mr salado the former foreign minister of germany. we are very concerned when europe is completely silent while
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america strong is and now wants to put forward a unilateral peace plan these is the reason why i think we need a week up call for euro to be again trying to be either not could be bullied to lee side live i mean as you look for a polish your approach e.u. leaders have had very little to say about donald trump's very visible and very vocal support for israel in fact it's been pretty much the same as when the golan heights were recognized by the united states when the u.s. moved its embassy to jerusalem with the latest idea from the president that israeli citizens should be immune from prosecution in the international criminal court since the creation of the i.c.c. the united states has consistently declined to join the court because of its broad
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unaccountable prosecutorial powers any attempt to target american israeli or our right personnel for prosecution will be met with a swift and vigorous response. this idea that the united states. and their friends are somehow above international law something that is called out by the former european leaders in their open letter unfortunately the current us administration has departed from longstanding u.s. policy and this insists now from established international legal norms it has so far agonized only one side screams to jerusalem and demonstrated to disturb an indifference to israel unsettlement expansion one of the lynchpins of the e.u. is a project is multiple nations coming together to find a peaceful resolution now the situation when it comes to israel in palestine is already difficult and it becomes even tougher when you see the unilateral approach
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being taken by the united states those who've been involved in and seen close diplomacy at its highest levels say the european union needs to be more vocal and also needs to bring more countries into the process it is not only america it is europe. other players russia is why a lot of players that can be. to find a balance. if you still america remains a key player if you want to succeed but europe has been always and will be in the future and another key player it is usually to try to get a lasting peace we doubt rely. on european legal efforts but this is our point we see europe silent we see europe not seen gauge it talk at these is the time to deal with the european union and trump
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already butting heads over trade and defense spending there isn't any particular way you leader that stands out as the one who would stand up and challenge the united states is a unilateral approach towards the israeli palestinian situation peter all of our party berlin. ok i'll be back with those for you in just over half an hour. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the pope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to struggle from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw why not if you think.
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i'm going to talk about football narvi or else you can think i was going to do it. by the way ways of that slide here. what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you lived well death row i'm in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution and most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people that because of what they did have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent after years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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it when lawmakers manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. that's nothing to ignore middle of the room signals. to leave room for the real news is really low.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon us all i'm daniel britto in washington d.c. welcome to our theme show on one of our favorite subjects cryptocurrency the hybrid offspring of tech and finance that is moving markets will have the co-founder of counterpart x. christy i'm here to analyze kryptos and how to get started in the market plus r t correspondent trinity charges breaks down the a.b.c. is a bit coin and the many crypto hacks we've seen in the past few years and later we'll be joined by henri arslan yun. and crypto leader for p w c n n asia to talk about stability and volatility and cripples we've got a lot to cover today for both newcomers and virtual currency veterans so let's get right to it. the crypto currency market is on the verge of one more step.

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